Healthy Eating Makes a Positive Difference

I don’t know what to think. I got up this morning and took my 20 minute walk. I made my breakfast, fed the dogs, and made my daughter’s breakfast. I went to the grocery store and stopped at the drug store to pick up my prescriptions, then dropped off a box at UPS. ALL IN THE SAME DAY!!! Not only that, when I got home I mowed the (admittedly tiny) front lawn! Then, instead of collapsing, I made my lunch!

I’m tired now, but not so exhausted that all I can think of how soon it will be bedtime. I’m actually working on last minute things for my daughter’s college applications.

I’m sure this won’t happen every day, but I’m so excited because I feel normal today. And aside from farting and pooping like a champion, I’m not having a lot of symptoms from this week’s food plan.


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