Nourishing Our Children with Wisdom and Healthy Food

Nourishing Our Children with Good Old Fashioned Wisdom and Healthy Food is more important than ever.

The “computerized classroom” is a reality in most public schools today. Kids start learning how to use computers at a very early age (in some families it’s as important as their baby taking a first step). Parents are tickled by their child’s ability to stay amused with animated characters, bright colors and playful sounds. But is it a good idea? Lots of experts are looking at test scores and saying, no.

At the same time, our country has gone through a period of desperately searching for a way to keep kids focused. “My kid has ADD so I’m giving him medicine to help him focus,” is not an uncommon remark. But what has happened to the millions of children who have been given drugs to reduce their Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder?

We believe a major factor in learning and ability to focus is proper nutrition. What can you do? Make sure your child is eating a well balanced diet of organic foods which are not genetically modified and are grown without harsh chemicals and fertilizers which could be dangerous to health.

Children raised with an emphasis on healthy eating, lots of love, and good old fashioned wisdom and learning are believed to have a better chance in this complex world we live in.

We found this article interesting:

Computers are not the answer to raising happy, healthy children. Our world and their lives demand so much more.

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