Eating Right Can be an Explosive Issue

Welcome to our new blog where we’ll explore ideas, issues and products which influence wellness for you and your family. We all need to stay informed on the myriad of factors influencing our food, lifestyle, and environment so we can make intelligent and informed decisions.

Think the world’s food producers are looking out for our best interests? Think again.

Bigger is better, that’s what many Americans have been taught. But when a giant watermelon explodes at your next family picnic, you should be doing more than just picking up the pieces and demanding a refund. You should be seriously watching where all your food comes from and how it’s been grown.

Sounds funny at first, perhaps. But, gigantic watermelons grown in China have been reported as exploding due to an overdose of growth-boosting chemicals. According to the American Free Press, this “…underscores how the Chinese regularly use toxic chemicals in their food production. The US Agriculture Department reports that in 2006, the US imported $4.1 billion in food products from China. In 1995, it was only $800 million.” What are you eating that was grown in China?

As more issues are brought to light about the bad effects harsh chemicals found in pesticides can have on our health, we remind ourselves why we have decided to eat organic food. Avoiding genetically modified foods is another important issue – one we will discuss here in greater depth.

Next time you see a monster melon at a picnic, wear your protective gear before approaching, and play it safe with the organic apple for dessert!

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3 Responses to Eating Right Can be an Explosive Issue

  1. Carolyn Ponder says:

    My husband and I have been fortunate to have been seeing Cynthia since 1992. At that time we were struggling to get healthy, have more energy and just feel better. We were introduced to Cynthia by a woman I met at a health food store who shared her story of how Cynthia and her wellness program had changed her life, she was off all of her medication and at 70 years old had never felt better. Well that was enough testimony for me and I decided to call. After meeting with Cynthia, Mike and I were encouraged and started our quest for better health with the knowledge and expertise of a professional who really cared about her clients. Since that time our biggest blessing is our son Greyson who is now eight years old, but who came to us after 16 years of marriage and although I was in my forties having my first child, I never felt better, my pregnancy went so well, the doctors were amazing how healthy I was for my age. Cynthia is our nutritionist but more importantly a dear friend who cares about our family. Thank you Cynthia for all of your guidance and support over the years. We love you. Mike, Carolyn and Greyson

  2. What an amazing journey I have had, after becoming a client of Cynthia’s. I had migraines for 17 yrs, and went to seven different doctors, two of whom were neurologists. My migraines grew worse over the years and went from one a month, upwards to 22 in a month. I was very desperate for relief. Drug after drug was tried and nothing worked to control the migraines, until I met Cynthia. I wasn’t sure if she could help me, but I had hope and a determination to find a solution. I became her client almost two and a half years ago. She developed a food plan for me that after carefully following, really helped my migraines. She did what no one else could do. She has an amazing amount of knowledge about nutrition and the body. I thank God for her and admire her so much. I am told frequently how young I look, and I have never been healthier in my entire life! I made the best investment of my life and am so grateful to have her help me learn how to love and take care of myself better.

  3. Jeff says:

    I came across Cynthia about ten years ago. I’m actually feeling a lot of emotions come up as I write this- gratitude, but also memories of how bad it was. Interestingly enough, I rarely think of how horrifying it used to be anymore. A few years before I saw Cynthia I had been over-working, working out too much, and really over doing it for a long time. I also grew up on Cap’n Crunch cereal and Chef Boyardee and I found out that probably didn’t help. At some point I started having severe reactions to chemicals, cleaners, fragrances, etc., and also reactions to most foods. If I got a smell of chemicals or perfumes I could and usually would have severe headaches, fuzzy thinking, and fatigue. I was also having those reactions to most foods.

    I had been seeing doctors, homeopaths, acupuncturists, nutritionists, and reading everything I could get my hands on for a few years. I did learn how to remove toxic cleaners, do restorative yoga, and take much better care of myself, but I was still feeling run down and having severe reactions to foods (I heard one author call this “Twentieth Century Disease” as more people are feeling that way due to all the chemicals and processed food today). Other practitioners recommended I limit my diet and remove foods I was reacting adversely too. I was literally down to about 12 foods. It was horrifying. I was extremely careful about what I ate. If I ate off that small list of foods I would watch the symptoms come back, headaches, irritability, fuzzy thinking, fatigue, and other symptoms. I was starving for more diversity of food.

    I made an appointment to see Cynthia, and at our second meeting she handed me a very detailed food plan with an incredible array of food. Honestly, I thought she hadn’t heard anything about what I said about my food reactions at our first meeting. I told her “I can’t eat almost any of the foods on this sheet. I’ll be really sick if I do.” She looked at me and said “If you eat those foods, in those amounts, you’ll be fine.”

    What do you say to someone who gives you your life back? I have tears as I write this. I was still young and I thought my life was over. I felt horrible most of the time, and had low energy. So to finish the story, of course I ate “those foods in those amounts” and was fine. I felt this incredible surge of energy from eating the foods on the plan. My thinking became clear and I felt great in my body. I still need to exercise in moderation and I have to be mindful of how much I do, but today I feel vital, alive, and engaged, and I eat this incredibly diverse and delightful diet. I just finished graduate school and worked while I was in school. I was very tired by the end of the program and needed to go back to Rosequest for a tune up, but I’m fine today. I have the energy to do work I love and have fun and spend time with people I care about.

    The level of detail in Cynthia’s plans is beyond what most people could imagine. At one point I couldn’t find the brand of tahini that Cynthia suggested. I bought another brand. I immediately started having headaches and severe cravings for unhealthy foods and cravings for a lot more tahini (another common symptom for me and others – to have cravings for foods I’m reacting negatively too). I called Cynthia not thinking it was the tahini as I was eating EVERYTHING else the way she suggested and had no idea simply changing one brand could bring all the old symptoms back. I found out from Cynthia that many tahinis are processed with chemicals and they don’t even need to put that on the label, and that’s probably where my headaches and cravings were coming from. I switched back to the brand of tahini she suggested and the headaches and negative symptoms immediately stopped.

    And to be honest, following the way I eat is not easy. I cook and prepare a lot of food. Although I do have it down to a science now, so it’s second nature. Sometimes people ask me how I eat the way I do, fresh, healthy, organic foods almost all the time. I don’t have the words to convey to people how good it feels to be in my body. I eat right. I meditate. I do mind-body practices (e.g. Feldenkrais, Qi Gong). Sitting out by the lake watching the birds and the waves and feeling the breeze is an incredibly pleasurable experience for me. Would I trade all of that in to eat Taco Bell again? No way. When I deviate too much from the healthy way of eating the fuzzy thinking , headaches, dark circles under my eyes and yucky feelings comes back. Then I don’t want to meditate, I procrastinate because I feel horrible, and I don’t want to do mind-body practices because it feels gross to be in my body.

    Do you know what it feels like to have been given your life back? It feels incredible. Thank you Cynthia for your work. May these waves of healing keep going out to others.

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